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These kids are making their rounds in Singapore! This highly acclaimed children’s choir from Uganda will be in Singapore until 22 April, with the finale at Riverlife Church. They travel internationally as ambassadors for the millions of children in Africa who are orphaned by HIV/AIDS, war, disease and poverty. I shot the performance last night and it was a real fist thumping, feet stomping event. Super high energy performance. They got the audience up on their feet to join them.

In between sets, a few of them would share how their lives were affected by the death of their parents. Hard to imagine the tough conditions they grew up in by looking at their cheerful faces and big smiles. Stories are sad but they are full of hope and many of them get to achieve their dreams through the Watoto program. You find out more info from their website.

For a schedule of their remaining performances, check out World Vision’s website [http://worldvision.org.sg/watoto/]. World Vision is partnering them in their performance in Singapore.

After the performance be sure to check out their merchandise for sale. These items are handmade by those living in Watoto village and you can be sure that every purchase is investing in a good cause. Child sponsorship programs are also available from Watoto and World Vision too.

Here are some of the images taken last night:

Concert Photography Watoto Choir 01

Concert Photography Watoto Choir 18

Concert Photography Watoto Choir 20

Because of the high energy level, I’ve decided to use my 1D Mk2. The images below are from the camera….not bad for a 7 year old camera!

Concert Photography Watoto

Concert Photography Watoto

Concert Photography Watoto

Concert Photography Watoto

Concert Photography Watoto

Concert Photography Watoto

Concert Photography Watoto

Concert Photography Watoto

Concert Photography Watoto

Concert Photography Watoto

Concert Photography Watoto


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What have I been up to recently? Wow, so many things has happened! On March 16, little Colin decided enough was enough and after 13 hours, he decided to say hi to everyone. Here he is..

Baby Photography Colin 03

Hello World!

Yes it’s the sleepless nights..yes it’s the loud crying…but I must say he really melts our hearts. He raises his hands a lot and it’s definitely coincidental but the timing is very often right and that provides all the laughs. Here are more pictures of little Colin.

Baby Photography Colin 01

Almost impossible to wake him up from sleep sometimes

Baby Photography Colin 02

Yup, every toe is accounted for on this leg

Baby Photography Colin 04

After feeding

Baby Photography Colin 05

Mom and kiddo

Baby Photography Colin 06


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Sorry if I may seem aloof by not replying your emails (and they were plenty of them!). I upgraded my server to solve a wordpress issue but my web host did not realize I’m reading my emails with gmail. So I wasn’t aware of the change in settings. It had been an awfully quiet couple of months so I’m glad I discovered this problem now and not later.

I’m catching up with my emails so please bear with me! In the meantime, please keep the emails coming. I’ll be able to attend to them as per normal after today. Thanks!


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Pregnancy photo by eulee

Sometime mid-March the doctor says. In the meantime, ‘hospital bag’ is packed. There seems to be a lot of stress on this bag by well-meaning friends so we got this done early. One more thing checked on the list. What’s not in there yet is my camera. What shall I bring? Just a G9? Samsung NX-11? DSLR? If DSLR, what lenses? At the moment I’m inclined towards my 5D Mk 2 and maybe 35 f1.4 and 50 f1.2. Plenty of aperture there for low light. For all I know, in all the excitement, photography will be the last thing on my mind. But I have reserved a space on the wall for the first 3 pics of little Colin. Just below mom’s preggy pics.

Well if you’re interested in lighting for the above pic, I got 2 strobes on modeling light. One with a snoot for the background and the other with just a reflector on it. No soft box/umbrella. I wanted a hard edgy feel to the images.


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It’s hard to find any fault with the Samsung Note. The super AMOLED 1280 X 800 screen is enough to blow you away with its clear and vibrant images. It really got my attention. Because of the high resolution as compared to iPhone’s 960 X 640, your handwriting will appear so smooth, it’s like pen on paper. If you’re like me who loves to doodle and take notes, you’ll be very impressed with this device.

Size-wise, it sits in between the iPhone and iPad. Here’s a comparison between the Note and my iPhone 4.

Samsung Note vs iPhone 4

It’s quite a fair bit larger than the iPhone but surprisingly not that much heavier at 178g compared to the iPhone’s 140g. But in most cases, the weight plays a less important role than the size. You would either love it or stay away from it.

They say the best camera you’ll have is the one with you all the time. I’m a firm believer of that so how does the 8Mpix camera perform? Specifically in the areas of noise performance and auto white balance. I like the fact that you can customize shortcuts by dragging and dropping the shortcuts to the left bar.

Samsung Note Camera

I just wish that I can operate the camera without accessing the app. This is where the iPhone 4S is so handy because the camera can be accessed right from the lock screen.

I would also like to have a dedicated physical shutter button. Especially with the large size, it really becomes awkward trying to hold it steady and using a finger to hit the button. All these features will make it operate more like a point and shoot camera.

So how about white balance? A straight forward outdoor shot like the one below should be easily handled by the camera. Image on the left was taken with Auto White Balance and on the left with Sunny WB. I’m not sure what you see on your screen but the AWB gives a cooler image compared to the warm tones of the Sunny WB.

White Balance with Samsung Note

Indoors, the auto white balance performed fairly well under warm lighting. This is one of the more challenging lighting conditions for cameras. I took this shot with mixed lighting as I’m drafting this post. So we have warm lighting from the LED spots in the background with color temperature close to tungsten and the cool white glow from the Mac in the foreground.

Samsung Note Camera White Balance

From top left to bottom right:
1. Flash
2. AWB – Auto white balance
3. Daylight
4. Cloudy
5. Incandescent
6. Fluorescent

Verdict: AWB was really close to the actual lighting condition whereas the incandescent gave the background a neutral tone. Works perfectly well in this example. I’m very impressed with the AWB in this instance.

So what about noise? In the example you’ll be able to see noise in the shadow details. On the left is an image taken at ISO 100 and on the right, ISO 800.

Samsung Note Noise

Looking at the shadows, the ISO 100 picture performs well but the ISO 800 image is very noisy, viewing at 100%. The good thing about the noise characteristic is the monochromatic quality (not the red and green dots), which to me makes it a lot more acceptable.

After capturing the image and viewing it in the gallery, the Note makes it very easy to share the picture. I like this a lot especially being able to share the pictures via bluetooth and wifi.

Sharing options on Samsung Note

Moving on to data entry, I’m getting used to the S Pen. It fits nicely in a slot at the bottom of the Note. With this, you can easily sketch and draw just like any ordinary pen. You can use the S Pen for data entry with its handwriting recognition and also to write directly on notes. I actually would love something like this for the iPad. Writing notes with fingers seems so unintuitive. I have a few iPad apps for doing this but have stopped using them. Even with a third party stylus, the resolution is just not high enough. So this is one feature that makes the Note so appealing. Another added feature is the button. However, I still have difficulty locating the button with my fingers. Once you’ve done so, it adds another set of shortcuts which makes navigating a far richer experience.

This is an example where I incorporated a picture in the S memo. You also include maps and as before in the camera, share it easily. This is so useful to deliver your ideas and of course give directions to a hopelessly lost person.

Samsung Note Memo

Besides the impressive S memo, the Note comes with a few Samsung apps such as Social Hub, S Choice category of apps designed for the S Pen, S Planner to name a few. I like the S Planner. It can sync with Google Calendar which I use a lot. It also syncs which Microsoft Exchange although I have not tried that. The big screen of the Note makes it really useful to have a quick glance at all the appointments in the month screen. I use a third party app for my iPhone to do this but it’s a big plus that this is integrated as a native app into the phone itself. Moving appointments around is just a simple drag and drop.

So this concludes a short review on the Note. What I love is the AMOLED screen, the fast 1.4GHz processor running the Android 2.3 Gingerbread, amazing graphics, S Pen for note taking, media handling, etc. I’m still getting used to the size and pondering whether it’ll be my iPhone replacement. Comments from other users I’ve asked reveal that the strongest point is actually the size. Perhaps that’s where I’ll be gravitating to the more I use it.


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I heard the best father-of-the-bride speech delivered last Sunday. A speech full of humor and emotions. Not forgetting the Star Wars opening line too! He mentioned that he initially was not enthusiastic about kids but when the bride was born, it completely changed him. The love and passion in which he delivered that line inspired me because in a few months time I will experience that.

I’m looking forward to fatherhood…bracing myself for the sleepless nights, frustrations, stress, but yet looking forward to moments like those mentioned in the speech. The speech left another indelible mark on me. It reminded me of why I love what I do. A wedding is a major milestones in one’s life and I always count it as a privilege to attend one. As a guest or as a photographer.

In 2011, I took on various commercial assignments but I always go back to the love of shooting weddings. It’s physically tiring indeed but the reward is always reaped when I go through the images, process them, and receive appreciative comments from the couple.

Looking ahead to 2012, I’m offering a $250 discount on my Basic Package for Actual Day Wedding Photography. You get this discount if you sign up from now until 31 March 2012. Only condition is, my other promotions with gown designers and videographers will not be valid with this.

Also, LIKE our Facebook page and receive a further $50 discount!
. This is to thank you for supporting us.

I wish you the best in this season of loving and giving! Have a great X’mas and a fabulous year ahead!


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I just collected a Samsung Galaxy Note this morning courtesy of the good folks at Samsung. I have a week to review this and I must say, I’m very impressed with my first impression. It’s straddles between a tablet and a smartphone. Exactly how the market will react to this remains to be seen. It’s a bit awkward to use as a phone, yet it fits snugly into the palm of my hand. Very portable indeed, with a great user interface especially with the stylus included. We were assured that this is no ordinary stylus (S Pen) and one can see why as the S Pen has a button which opens up a whole set of commands for easy navigation. Finding the button on the side of S Pen is a bit difficult but I’m sure it’s very useful..if you can remember all the commands. So far I like the user interface although I’ll take a bit of time getting used to an Android phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display is very bright and super impressive. There were some videos preloaded and the quality is just mind blowing. What I like a lot is the data entry. You can type as per the usual smartphone style or you can write with the S Pen like below. So far it performs really well in recognizing my handwriting. It’s about 90% accurate which is a lot. I remember the days of my palm devices where I needed to learn keystrokes for handwriting recognition. We’ve gone a long from that generation of smart devices. Also, for note taking, the resolution of the screen (285ppi) is so high that everything is so smooth and fine. I love to take notes and doodle so this is a real plus point.

I’m going to have a lot of fun with it the next week or so, so stay tuned for more updates! I’m very interested at how the 8 Mpix camera performs so do come back.

Oh at the Samsung showroom at Vivocity, several prints from my earlier review of the NX11 are up on display. Look out for them if you drop by the showroom!

Eulee's photos at Samsung Showroom at Vivocity


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Finally managed to find some time to upload more recent wedding shoot. This was taken a few months ago just before I left for the US for a shoot and break. The church wedding was at Barker Road and dinner at The Fullerton Hotel. Been awhile since I’ve shot at Fullerton but I’ve always loved the grand staircase leading into the ballroom….adding a touch of grandeur.

Nelson and Jasmine's wedding images

Here’s the link to the page: http://www.photographybyeulee.com/blog/weddings


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Hey it’s been awhile since I posted anything. Rest assured I’m still alive and to prove that, here’s a link to my favorite food joints in Penang. More photography stuff coming soon after the busy period. End of the year is always the busy period for photography and party, after that.

So back to food. If you plan to visit Penang, you might find this useful. It was originally up on my blog before it got attacked by malware so I’m posting this out again. Have fun and tell me if you have any updates. Enjoy!

Penang Food Guide

Click on the Map to go to Google Maps


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This is definitely one of my favorite pictures of Jason and Amanda. She has that killer smile that’ll melt everyone’s heart. Love this shot! Had really great fun with this family especially after being there taking Jason and Adelene’s wedding pictures a few years back. It was like a small reunion, this time with an addition to the family.

Family Photography Singapore 01

Here’s another one of those shots with Adelene.

Family Photography Singapore 02

Family Photography Singapore 03

Family Photography Singapore 04

Family Photography Singapore 05

Family Photography Singapore 06


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Lydia and I got back from the US recently and when we were in California, we stayed with Kelly, Richard, Chelsea and Troy. Here are a few pictures of this beautiful family and the their equally beautiful cats and dog.

Family Photography

Family Photography

Family Photography

Family Photography

Family Photography

Family Photography

Family Photography


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Here’s something I don’t do often. A pity coz it’s so much fun. It’s a hen party…and not any ordinary one. This is Mad Men inspired. The beautiful Lorna had her friends all come decked in 1950s outfit. Plenty of fun and mischievousness for the whole night.

Lorna Hen Party

Lorna Hen Party

Lorna Hen Party

Lorna Hen Party

Lorna Hen Party

Lorna Hen Party

Lorna Hen Party

Lorna Hen Party


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Here’s something fun you can try out with your camera with its built-in flash, a light bulb and patience. I was trying demonstrate light painting with flash photography using the Samsung NX11 and its built-in flash.

Light Painting with Samsung NX11

There’re actually 2 things that happened in this shot. Think about it as a multiple exposure throughout the time the shutter is opened. In this case, the shutter was opened for 20s. So what happened in this 20s?

1. The flash fired (assuming your flash is set to 1st curtain sync) and Mr. Teddy gets exposed
2. I get to play with lights in total darkness for the remainder 20s.

In actual fact the flash fires in something like 1/125s thereabouts depending on camera make so that leaves a lot of 20s left to do anything.

The first thing you’ll need to understand is at a fixed ISO, aperture affects the exposure of the subject. Second thing, shutter speed determines ambient light coming in. This is the most basic principle which everyone should understand. This is fundamental to studio photography especially.

So set the aperture and ISO to get Mr. Teddy well exposed. Don’t worry about the shutter speed at this time. If you do this in total darkness, you can afford even a few minutes of exposure. You can do something with lights, take a break and continue. I only spent 20s for these streaks.

This is loads of fun. But importantly, it reinforces your understanding of flash photography.


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We are proud to broadcast this! Nothing new about the working together since we’ve been doing that for maybe 6 years or so. But what’s new is the $500 you will save if you sign up with us! Yes, that’s right, $500! That’s half of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Ok, I’m excited because Damon Low is a superbly gifted videographer.

Photography By Eulee and Damon Low Videography

Check his work out. And contact either of us to find out more!


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Here’s something else you can try with one Ikea lamp. After trying the setup in PART 1, you can reposition your light behind your subject just to see what you get. Here’s what I got:

Food Photography

For obvious reasons I used a glass bowl and chose salad as the subject. Vegetables are slightly translucent. I bounced off some light in front to brighten the front using a foam board. To avoid seeing the inside of the lamp, I covered it with a foam sheet, from some packing material I had. The reflection was thanks to my dining table. But you can buy a piece of perspex to get that same effect. As I was shooting, Lydia poured dressing (ok, it’s actually honey). I like the bright golden color of honey and its syrupy thickness. The color of honey looks great backlit.

It’s a really simple setup. I just cropped it tighter in post processing so that the light behind looks even. Here’s what my setup looked like.


Nothing impressive about that but the result is something else.

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